I really like heading out to Planet Fitness in Oak Cliff.  The staff are always friendly and it’s always clean. I always enjoy my time there!

planet fitness oak cliff

This season I’ve got into routine training in the gym, and making the lifestyle adjustments that I hope that I can keep; instead of trying out various home workouts and diets that I just know that I will struggle to adhere to. Among these methods, I have found that the best for me personally, as most others do, is strength training.

As this website will hopefully continue to grow. the subjects that I touch on and write about will expand… like right now I’m talking about health, fitness and such things! So at present, one of my favorite things to do is either take a jog around Oak Cliff or head to the gym for one hour each day and force my muscles to get working!

One thing that you might not know about me is that after exercising, I love to ensure I’m looking after my skin and body. After all, I’m exercising to accomplish some body objectives, and I do not wish to sacrifice other areas of my health to attain this; it ought to come as a complete package.

So when I’m working out, this exercise can put a lot of force onto the wrist and hands, which can make them vulnerable to accidents and can cause severe damage to the hands. Because of this, I’d always advocate using suitable women’s gym gloves to protect the hands from wear and tear.  You just need one gym sessions with a pair and you will realize how badly the weightlifting bar will tear up your hands.

GNC health store

I usually head over to GNC to get a couple of supplements too.  Unfortunately, the nearest one is a little south of Oak Cliff in Wolf Creek.  The guys here are great and helped me in selecting the correct supplements.  I recommend them.